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Bemis Brook Falls Crawford Notch State Park

Bemis Brook Falls is the middle falls along its namesake stream and the larger of the two additional waterfalls below Arethusa. The falls are actually made up of four tiers, with the fourth tier separated a bit downriver from the other three.

To access the falls, start off on Arethusa Falls Trail from the parking area and bear left at the trail junction to follow Bemis Brook Trail. The trail closely parallels Bemis Brook. The terrain is fairly easy on this first section of the trail. Continue on Bemis Brook Trail for another quarter of a mile until you get to Bemis Falls. The trail starts to become more rocky/rooty and challenging on this section of the trail.

To get to Crawford Notch State Park, take Route 302 toward Bretton Woods and look for the park entrance. Turn onto a paved road just beyond the park and park on the short side road below the railroad tracks. The trail starts to the left of the private road above the RR tracks.

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A 52 Weeks of Fun Fascinating Fact about Bemis Brook Falls Crawford Notch State Park

The falls are composed of four individual stair-steps which drop consecutively for a total of about 30 feet.

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