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Cowley State Fishing Lake Waterfall

Considering how many beautiful waterfalls are located in the country, it was quite a feat for the Cowley State Fishing Lake Waterfall to be listed among them. This little-known falls, primarily a run-off following heavy rains, has just a 25-foot drop, but when the water is high, it is a wide, breathtaking drop. And that recognition that it earned a few years ago has put Cowley State Fishing Lake waterfall on the maps of waterfall chasers.

Located west of Dexter at the Cowley State Fishing Lake, the waterfall can be seen at the far north-west side of the lake property. Watch carefully, as there are only two signs to get visitors to it. Parking is in a small area off the road, with a picnic area and short walk to the viewing area. Hiking down to get a different perspective to the falls can be a bit difficult, not because of a strenuous hike, but because the trail is covered with obstacles (primarily broken glass and trash). When the weather is wet, rocks can be slippery.

The best time to view the falls is in spring, or after rains. The falls are frequently dried up when the lake level is low.

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A 52 Weeks of Fun Fascinating Fact about Cowley State Fishing Lake Waterfall

In 2014, Yahoo Travel named the Cowley County Waterfall in the “Top 12 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in America.”

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