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Coliseum Falls

This waterfall drops a number of times across small steps created by layers of rock, creating one of the most interesting cascades in New Hampshire, and giving the falls its namesake. Although each is not a big significantly high drop, altogether, they create a beautiful waterfall.

Start off on Arethusa Falls Trail and bear left at the trail junction to follow Bemis Brook Trail. The trail closely parallels Bemis Brook. You’ll pass Fawn Pool and come up quickly on Coliseum Falls. The terrain is fairly easy on this first section of the trail.

To get to the falls, take Route 302 towards Bretton Woods and look for the Crawford Notch State Park entrance. Turn onto a paved road just beyond the park and park on the short side road below the railroad tracks. The trail starts to the left of the private road above the RR tracks.

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A 52 Weeks of Fun Fascinating Fact about Coliseum Falls

Many photographers take on the personal challenge of being able to capture all of the steps that make up these falls.

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