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Brown Covered Bridge

Covered bridges are an important heritage dating back to the late 19th century. Brown County is home to five existing covered bridges, some of which are still operational to this day, including the Brown Covered Bridge. It is a covered Smith through truss, built by the Smith Bridge Company of Toledo in 1880.

Brown Covered Bridge has been closed to vehicular traffic but is open to pedestrians. The entrance is blocked by a guard rail. The Brown Covered Bridge spans White Oak Creek and has a total deck length of 129 feet. The Brown Covered Bridge is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

The bridge is located off US Route 68 north of Georgetown. Exit County Road 5 and go east. The road becomes the New Hope White Oak Station Road (still County Road 5). Travel about two miles. Its coordinates are 38°59'24" N, 83°53'22" W.

, Brown County Ohio Chamber of Commerce
, Bill Eichelberger

A 52 Weeks of Fun Fascinating Fact about Brown Covered Bridge

Brown Covered Bridge spans White Oak Creek, which is the principal river draining central Brown County.

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