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Texas Tropical Trail

Welcome to the Tropical Trail Region. Discover the natural, cultural, and historical treasures in the unique and vibrant southern tip of Texas. For over 200 miles in both directions, the Tropical Trail borders the nation of Mexico along the Rio Grande River.

Located in the state’s southernmost region, the Texas Tropical Trail Region covers 20 counties, 23,000 square miles, and is home to 1.7 million residents. The region boasts a variety of experiences including diverse cuisine, music, nature, history, culture, and architecture. Historic sites include battlegrounds, architecture, museums, lighthouses, and landmarks.

Diverse groups struggled for control of this strategic borderland. Allegiances ebbed and flowed among six nations: Spain, France, Mexico, Texas, the Confederate States, and the United States. Centuries of conflict and cultural blending forged a history that embodies the spirit of the six flags of Texas.

The early 20th century brought other newcomers — tourists attracted by the coast’s prolific fisheries, cool breezes, and pristine beaches. Today, bi-nationalism reigns in the region, and Mexican traditions permeate the language, food, music, and religion. Relax in picturesque Hispanic plazas and browse shops along palm-lined streets. Enjoy piquant Mexican foods, rhythmic Tejano music, and flashy Folklorico dances. Take a trail ride across wide-open spaces and sample sizzling steaks or barbecue. Climb the stairs of a historic lighthouse and try your hand at deep-sea fishing or beachcombing.

For more than a century, Hispanic and Anglo traditions have blended to create a truly distinctive bicultural heritage. By preserving and promoting that legacy, dozens of museums and heritage sites in the 20-county region remain “guardias del pasado” (guardians of the past).

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A 52 Weeks of Fun Fascinating Fact about Texas Tropical Trail

Palm trees are found in all 20 counties that feature the Texas Tropical Trail.

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