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BLM Dry Camp

Founded in 1908 as a mining camp, the economy of Bouse is now based on tourism, agriculture, and retirees. Beginning in the 1960s, as with much of the region, the RV business grew and small trailers gave way to larger motor homes. The local population grows over the winter months as retirees and travelers leave the cold northern winters to enjoy more pleasant temperatures in and around the Bouse region. In the summer, RVs are replaced by cars pulling boats and other watercraft to the river.

The area offers private campgrounds with full-hookups and BLM land for those capable of “boondocking,” free camping with no amenities, and many times, no water. Self-contained RVs can stay as long as two weeks without refilling or dumping, using conservation methods of water use.

BLM stays also offer hundreds of miles of off-road opportunities for ATV/Off-road vehicle enthusiasts. Those campers pulling boats are just 30 minutes from the Colorado River.


A 52 Weeks of Fun Fascinating Fact about BLM Dry Camp

An egg facility owned by Rose Acre Farms broke ground near Bouse on July 13, 2015. It is reported to be the largest economic venture ever in La Paz county.

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