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Waters House

The Waters House was built around 1895 in Queen Anne-style architecture. It was originally the house of Dr. A.W. Trotter, a dentist. It is a three-story clapboard structure that is highlighted by the decor of craftsman, Louis Buckner, a nineteenth-century black carpenter of exceptional skill. At least fifteen homes that were either built by Buckner or are believed to have been built by Buckner are still standing, including the Waters House.

Gables abound on the home at various levels. Three are formed on each side of the house to terminate at the bay windows on the roof. "Butterfly wings," also the work of Buckner, drape the sides of the bay windows on the second floor. The porch is trimmed with "Dumbbell" dowels and Gingerbread trim. It is rounded at the corner toward the rear of the home. The yard is nicely landscaped and outlined by an iron fence in front.

The interior brings the home alive. The woodwork of Buckner is found in almost every room. The local carpenter had a unique style that included simple geometric designs and carvings of floral patterns. The majority of his work was done in oak and other hardwoods. In the parlor is an elaborately carved mantel, the most attractive piece of his work in the house. The mantel is about eight feet high of carved oak. Buckner placed a tilting beveled mirror above the fireplace which is outlined in tile and covered by a brass grate. Another mantel of lesser proportion but a similar pattern is found in the sitting room.

Various pieces of Buckner's furniture are also to be found in the home. The Waters House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

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A 52 Weeks of Fun Fascinating Fact about Waters House

Born and raised as a slave child, Lewis Buckner was freed in 1865 and later apprenticed to a furniture maker. He became one of several successful African-American construction entrepreneurs in late-19th century Sevier County.

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