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Wolf Rock Cave

Rivers and streams flowing across broad coastal plains 24-30 million years ago (during the Oligocene period) deposited sediments making up the Catahoula Formation. This area is part of the Catahoula Formation and erosive processes created Wolf Rock Cave.

Wolf Rock Cave is the only known cave in Louisiana used by its early people as a rock shelter.
The 30-million year-old cave system located in Kisatchie National Forest was first occupied as far back as 2500 BCE by the Archaic peoples that populated modern-day central Louisiana.

The Archaic people, states the brochures, were hunter-gathers who lived in nomadic groups. They left behind stone tools and ornaments such as axes, fish hooks, beads, and the remains of baskets among other things in the cave.
The cave is located in a very remote part of Kisatchie National Forest and is best accessed by high-clearance vehicles, but efforts to get there will be rewarded with incredible views, rippling waters, and a cave that has been used by ancient Native Americans and outdoorsmen.

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A 52 Weeks of Fun Fascinating Fact about Wolf Rock Cave

Arrowheads from the Archaic peoples of Louisiana can still be found in the woods surrounding the cave to this day.

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