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There is no place on Earth like Lake Holcombe. From its large river-fed flowage to serene woodlands to friendly "natives"; Lake Holcombe is truly a vacation paradise. Fish, Ski, Pontoon, Snowmobile, Hunt, Relax, Kayak, Windsurf, Bike and more. Relax at one of our beautiful resorts, dance the night away at a local pub, or indulge in a fabulous meal while watching the sunset over the lake.

Built in 1872 by the Union Lumbering Company, both the dam and community were then known as Little Falls. For timber crib construction, the dam was reputed to be the world's largest "right angle" wooden dam. Its purpose was to store water that could later be released to float logs downriver. In the late 1800s, the virgin timber in the country to the north attracted a growing lumber industry. Floods were still common events on the Chippewa River and portions of the wooden dam frequently floated away in times of high water. In 1885 a flood tore the dam out entirely. It was immediately rebuilt, however, to meet the needs of the Chippewa Lumber and Board Company, which had acquired the dam in 1880. Operating the world's largest sawmill downriver in Chippewa Falls, the company built the world's largest wooden dam to supply the logs.

The lake covers 4,300 acres with 130 miles of shoreline. The area has almost too many fishing areas to list; from farm ponds to large flowage to spring creeks to large rivers, but if the area has a true fishing gem, it would be its smallmouth fishing. Throughout the year, fishermen reporting 40-50 fish being caught per day is not uncommon. Another plus is the fact that most of the area's waters are in the “southern zone”, giving fisherman the chance to catch huge spawning smallies. 18“-21” fish are commonly caught. Fish found in Lake Holcombe include Musky, Northern Pike, Walleye, Crappie, Lake Sturgeon, Small Mouth Bass, Large Mouth Bass, Perch, Bluegill, and Channel Catfish

There are two rookeries in the Holcombe area, making it possible to view great blue herons nesting. They're beautiful and slightly startling to be walking along the shores of Lake Holcombe and come across these beauties. Our state bird, the American Robin, has many vocalizations - rich songs composed of long phrases and "whinny" and "tut" calls. The female is muted in color compared to the male. Right before the snow goes all away, these birds can be seen. The Robin marks the coming of summer, which is a pleasant reminder to the residents of Wisconsin.

Chippewa County offers snowmobile enthusiasts nearly 500 miles of snowmobile trails to ride. The variety of landscape the trails cover is what makes them so fun and exciting. While riding our trails check out the glacial formations, rolling hills, and the beautiful wooded forests. This trail system travels through Chippewa County and connects with many other county trails with the opportunity to travel by snowmobile statewide. The Chippewa Valley Snowmobile Organization maintains and grooms the trail system and keeps the trails in excellent riding condition during the snowmobile season.

During the three other seasons, enjoy over 15 miles of ATV trail through the Chippewa County Forest with hills, valleys, and challenging terrain, which were created by the action of glaciers many thousands of years ago. The Chippewa County ATV Trail is normally open to ATV riding from May 1st to November 15th of each year. Be cautious, as you never know what's around the next corner, or over the next hill, on this two-way trail!


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