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Cave Junction is a small town. It is the Gateway to the Oregon Caves National Monument and the commercial, service, and cultural center for a rural community of small farms, woodlots, crafts people, and families just living apart from the crowds. The valley is in the basin of the Illinois River Valley and its tributaries. It is nestled in the Siskiyous mountains, part of the Klamath Range, at an elevation of about 1329 ft. It is directly west of the Medford/Ashland metro area and about half way between Grants Pass and the Oregon coast on the Redwood Highway.

Life is slower, so visitors have to be patient as they encounter the neighborly slowness. Many residents here volunteer their time with the schools, public councils and committees, and civic organizations to improve the community. There are approximately 17,000 people living in the Illinois Valley.

The average temperature in January is 33 degrees F and 90 degrees in July. The rainfall amounts to about 61 inches a year. The sun shines 196 days and it rains 108 days on average. The Illinois Valley is frequently referred to as the "banana belt" of Oregon. It is fast becoming a favorite year-round vacation land.

Here visitors can enjoy the spectacular beauty of the many rivers, streams, and public forest lands available for hiking, backpacking, fishing and hunting. This picturesque valley lies halfway between Grants Pass and Crescent City, making it a pleasant hour drive to the famous Rogue River or the rugged Oregon Coast. The central location makes it an ideal place to live and a naturally peaceful place to visit.

Recreation on the Illinois River is considered outstanding because of challenging whitewater boating and steelhead fishing. Winter steelhead are renowned for putting up a fierce fight and often exceed 15 lbs. The lower canyon below Collier Creek provides fly and lure fishing for acrobatic summer steelhead. October is prime time to watch 40-lb wild Chinook salmon leap upstream at Illinois River Falls and Little Falls. Other recreational activities include hiking, hunting, mushroom harvesting, horseback riding, backpacking, wildlife viewing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and discovering the area's botanical wonders is a highlight.

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