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Reedsport/Winchester Bay Chamber of Commerce

On the Beautiful Oregon Coast

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Incorporated in 1919 near the confluence of three rivers – the Umpqua, the Smith, and the Scholfield, Reedsport/Winchester Bay is located on the beautiful Oregon Coast on the banks of the Umpqua River – the largest Oregon river south of the Columbia. Located in the heart of the Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area, just miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Reedsport was named for a local settler, Alfred W. Reed, who founded the city in 1912. Prior to the establishment of a post office, Reedsport was a camp for railroad workers, as the building of Southern Pacific Railroad lines extending south to Coos Bay led to the development of town.

Before the development of modern road and rail networks, transportation on the coast of Oregon was largely water-borne, and the Umpqua River was home to several steamboats. The boats were all very small, nothing like the big sternwheelers that cruised the Columbia or Sacramento rivers. The Umpqua River starts near the town of Roseburg, 85 miles upstream from Reedsport. The steamboat Swan was the only steamboat to ever ascend to Roseburg in 1870, when the merchants of Reedsport and surrounding area were anxious to demonstrate the navigability of the river. Although it took the Swan 11 days to get to Roseburg, it was enough to persuade Congress to allocate $70,000 for channel clearance of the Umpqua, even though no other steamboat ever ran up to Roseburg. Later, in 1906, the propeller steamer Juno was placed into service on the Umpqua River by the Umpqua River Steam Navigation Company.

Reedsport is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Built on marshy ground, the Alaska Earthquake and tsunami of 1964 led to severe flooding, including the fish hatchery. The hatchery’s pools of small-mouthed bass overflowed, introducing the fish into the Umpqua River. It is now home to one of the largest recreational fishing ports on the Oregon Coast.

In addition to fishing, visitors to Reedsport can enjoy hunting, hiking, ATV-riding on the Dunes, beachcombing, boating, bike-riding, and much more. Just three miles east is the famous Dean Creek Elk Viewing area currently sustaining hundreds of Oregon's Roosevelt Elk in their natural habitat with viewing stations and photo opportunities. Reedsport is also the home of the Umpqua Discovery Center, a Natural and Cultural Interpretive Center built on the Umpqua River.


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On the Beautiful Oregon Coast

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