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Town of Hancock MD

Local Attractions

Welcome to the Town of Hancock! Situated along the Potomac River, the National Road, the C&O Canal, and Interstates 68 and 70. Hancock is a hub of activity for travelers, visitors, and residents who appreciate small-town living at its best.

Located less than two hours from Baltimore and Washington D.C. Hancock offers a slower-paced existence where folks may enjoy its rich history, natural resources, arts and leisure activities, fine schools, and the community of locals who have chosen Hancock as their home.

One of the oldest settlements in Western Maryland, Hancock derived its name from Edward Joseph Hancock, Jr., whose family operated the ferry at this northernmost point of the Potomac River. Edward Joseph Hancock, Jr. was considered a hero in the American Revolution who fought alongside General George Washington.

Parks allow camping on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no charge, but campers must check in with the Town Office. The Western Maryland Rail Trail invites hikers and bikers to explore over 30 miles of trails, and outdoor recreation abounds along the old C&O Canal.

There are many other area attractions in the City of Hancock to enjoy! Spend an afternoon or the entire weekend exploring the rich history and nature. This website will help new visitors explore the town. Hancock is thankful to visitors for taking the time to learn more about the great things that are happening here. Hancock, Maryland welcomes its visitors!

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