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Where the New South Meets the Old West

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The pioneer spirit that transformed Fort Smith into the second-largest city in Arkansas is still alive in its citizens today. It embraces its colorful heritage and showcases its influence in the architecture, the art, and the special brand of hospitality that it can't wait to share with visitors.

In Fort Smith, the future is in the past, and the town is excited to share the many stories that have helped shape its world. Key events in the history of the United States judicial system were at the forefront of the original Fort. Judge Isaac C. Parker held court for the Federal Government in the Western District of Arkansas, just before the turn of the century. Visitors can experience that history firsthand at the Fort Smith National Historic Site.

The contributions of the United States Marshals Service will be brought to the forefront of its exciting tourist experience when visiting the National U.S. Marshals Museum in Fort Smith. The facility will educate and entertain visitors while highlighting the entire 220-year history of The Nation's oldest law enforcement agency, on the very spot where much of the most dangerous Marshals Service history took place.

Fort Smith looks forward to sharing other windows into its past with historic attractions, such as the Fort Smith Museum of History, a ride on a 1930s electric trolley through downtown Fort Smith, a train excursion on a vintage Pullman Railcar through the Ozark foothills, and much more. There are historic attractions for all ages, from antique downtown amusement park rides to the Belle Grove Historic District. Elvis fans can even visit Fort Chaffee's Barbershop to see where he received his famous Army buzz cut, "the haircut heard 'round the world."

Miss Laura's Visitors Center was once a famous Western bordello and is now on the National Register of Historic Places. It is the perfect place to begin a visit. The knowledgeable and friendly volunteers will give tours, answer questions about the area, offer brochures and provide personal recommendations about things to do. They make a visitor feel completely welcome to their city.

Fort Smith invites visitors to experience its rich heritage, diverse culture, and the warmth that makes it an unforgettable experience.

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Where the New South Meets the Old West

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