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El Dorado is in the middle of it all. Located at the edge of the Flint Hills along Interstate 35, El Dorado is easily accessible. Only 30 minutes from Wichita, Kansas' largest city, we offer unique lodging, cuisine, and outdoor adventures you'll love!

Whether meeting friends, making new friends, or looking for something out of the ordinary, El Dorado has it. From the largest lake in Kansas to its charming downtown and everything in-between, El Dorado will help make the most out of a visit.

El Dorado, meaning "the Golden Land", was established in 1871 and grew quickly due to the discovery of the El Dorado Oil Field. By 1918, El Dorado was the largest single producer of oil in Kansas and was responsible for 9% of the worldwide production. In recent years, El Dorado has become a thriving community with welcoming residents and a unique location that's "in the middle of it all."

El Dorado has a dining culture as unique as the city itself. From classic dishes to food trucks that serve the best sushi in town; you won't leave with an empty stomach. El Dorado's signature dish, the Veal Sandwich, can be found at numerous restaurants throughout town.

No matter what your style is, we've got the parks and facilities to keep you active or host your next tournament! Whether you're into baseball, or more of a pickleball fan, we've got you covered.

On the first Thursday of each month El Dorado comes together for Thankful Thursday; a day to celebrate the community, browse local art, enjoy hometown musicians, try local restaurants and shop local boutiques. And the City of Gold Festival, featuring concerts, food truck courts, artisan crafts, and children’s activities is held in September.

, El Dorado KS
, El Dorado KS

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