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Visit Greater Mankato

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Escape from every day in Mankato. Discover Mankato’s extensive cycling trails, open country roads, downhill slopes, and river rapids. While you’re here, you’ll also find just the right combination of a small-town feel and a thriving regional center. Mankato was established at the confluence of the Minnesota and Blue Earth rivers. In fact, Mankato comes from the Dakota word Mahkato, meaning greenish-blue earth.

Mankato is a hub for arts, entertainment, shopping, and nightlife. Located within 75 minutes from Minneapolis, Mankato is a fun destination for families or for couples looking to get away for a weekend. It’s home to pristine wilderness, bike-friendly trails, and fantastic museums. Mankato has a lot to offer year-round. Getting around in the city is easy: visitors can bike along a river, go kayaking and visit some fun local museums—all in a single day. Plan to spend at least a long weekend in Mankato.

In Mankato, recreation is a big part of any vacation. Whether staying indoors or conquering the great outdoors, Mankato offers many recreation opportunities. The confluence of the local county and state trails culminates into over 50 miles of paved trails, nestled in a scenic river valley, and is perfect for cycling, running, and leisurely walking. Outdoor enthusiasts will also love our rivers, parks, and ski hills. Staying indoors isn’t any less exciting in Mankato. Take in a hockey game at Minnesota State University, conquer the rock climbing wall at MNSU, or listen to live music in the vibrant, historic City Center.

The Minnesota River Valley has a national story to tell about the struggles for a home by the Euro-American immigrants and the Dakota people. Museums and historical sites encourage visitors to discover vivid stories from days gone by.

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