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Lovelock is the county seat of Pershing County which is the only incorporated city in the county. Formerly a stop for settlers on their way to California, a few settlers stopped there to harvest the wild rye growing in the meadows. Arriving here from California in 1866, English settler George Lovelock bought the squatters' right for 320 acres and received with it the oldest water rights on the Humboldt River.

Since that time, the town's economy has been based on farming, mining, and increasingly on tourism. The town's foundation came about with the building of the Central Pacific Railroad through the area in August 1868, putting Lovelock on the map. Its train depot still stands, one of several historical buildings in town. This landmark is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Lovelock's heritage buildings include the wooden-built Grace Methodist Church, restored twice after fires, and the Marzen House Museum, a Victorian Italianate farmhouse built in 1874 and transported from Big Meadow Ranch in the 1980s. Visitors can explore an assay office, farm machinery sheds, and buildings housing vintage automobiles, as well as the 1800s furnishings and museum documenting the area's history.

The events of interest to tourists are the Portuguese festival, held in May, and the annual Frontier Days weekend in July. Hot air balloons take to the sky to race during the Lovers Aloft festival, inaugurated in February 2004, and the Lovelock Street Fever car show is held in June.

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