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Beautiful, Strong And Full Of Heart

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Through every season, Bellows Falls and Rockingham are beautiful. Visitors can find new favorite restaurants and shops, take advantage of our picturesque views of the Connecticut River and Fall Mountain and enjoy our easy walks through the Village and hiking and biking trails that are being built on our surrounding mountains.

History meets the present in our shops in the downtown square, the old mill buildings, the river's beauty, and power, and in the Great Falls and the Victorian homes that add charm to our walkable downtown. Today the downtown district still has some of the look of the 19th century and the feel of the mid 20th. But beneath that look, it is a town that embraces everything new. Arts and culture abound, with a restored Opera House showing first run and classic movies and live entertainment. Nationally-known musicians appear regularly in town, and the Vermont Symphony Orchestra performs here several times a year.

The first bridge to be built anywhere on the 410-mile long Connecticut River was across the narrow Bellows Falls gorge. The Bellows Falls Canal was constructed to allow boat traffic to bypass Great Falls on the Connecticut River. It was constructed by the Bellows Falls Canal Company and was one of the first canals in the United States. It was used for transport, to power the area’s mills, and later for hydroelectric power. The Bellows Falls Downtown Historic District includes the canal.

The Bellows Falls Historical Society is moving quickly to restore our beloved museum, the Frank Adams Grist Mill. After 188 years the Mill has been in desperate need of repairs and restoration. Now, primarily thanks to the generous philanthropic support of the Theresa Narkiewicz Schneider Trust, BIG projects are scheduled to begin at the Frank Adams Grist Mill and Riverfront Park! Bellows Falls and Vermont's southern region is a stronghold of history and culture, as well as home to unique events and bustling downtowns. There is a lot to explore all year long.

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Beautiful, Strong And Full Of Heart

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